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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Drops of Sunlight

I love dandelions.  There’s no doubt about how they brighten my day.  Here’s my latest batch of little lovelies.  Er, Vince told me to tell you they’re in the neighbor’s yard.
Anyway, they make me happy.  I’ve been working on Mom’s quilt.  FINALLY got all the center wreaths done.  Now I’ll be adding little flowers in between them.  You get a better picture from the back.

And I made this "little" pizza hot pad for Vince for obvious reasons.  That's an extra large sitting there.
Did you FMQ today?


Sue Daurio said...

wow those wreaths are awesome!! And I just love the pizza mat, what a great idea. I think I may do those for Christmas gifts with a gift certificate for pizza.

Helen said...

Wendy - these are so lovely - I can hardly wait to get my quilt back home!!!!

LOL - love the pizza pad!!!!

Joanne said...

All your quilting looks fabulous, but I am more impressed with the pizza!!! Send some my way!♥

Joan said...

love your pizza hot pad...and your quilting is great - Great idea that pizza pad :)

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