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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lib Amish Finish

I finished the quilt for the newest Liberated Amish challenge.  I hit a point with it that I didn't much care for it.  So, I stopped.  Then, the next time I looked at it, I liked it.  Funny, that.  Does it ever happen to you like that?  I think it's just that we have to get distance from it and look at it in a different perspective.

 It's square, it just doesn't want to hang flat and I
refuse to pin it because it's SUPPOSED to stay up on the darned design wall all by itself.  It's staying for now.  Though I suspect when I come home tonight from work it'll be on the floor.

Finished the final edits on Breathe Vol. II.  Off to the printers as soon as I get some info back on the number we'll need.  I haven't worked on my own writing much (just tiny thoughts here and there) since I've started putting Breathe together.   I can't wait to dig in again.  I miss it like a long lost lover. 

Oh, and this is what a $50 gift certificate looks like.  In case you were wondering.  And you thought it was made from paper.  Silly You!!!


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Joan said...

Quilt looks good...and that gift certificate...fabulous - lucky gal!! Where can I see the books you have written?

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