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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Takin’ it Easy

I injured my wrist … again.  So, not much happening on Mom’s quilt while I wait for my arm to heal.  Been putzing around on nothing particular.  Hand sewing hurts too.  Been working lots and not sleeping well.  I did take a couple nice photos. 

These are from my front door again.




Michele Bilyeu said...

SO sorry to hear you reinjured you arm! Isn't it amazing how sensitive they remain and how easy it is for injury. Dang...not a good thing! Hope you heal quickly! I love keeping tabs on you, Wendy...but not to hear this! Get better really soon..you need to write, and quilt, and blog....

Helen said...

Wendy - hadn't heard that you had re-injured your arm - (has something to do with NO landline - TE co messed up and disconnected WRONG phone - bless their everlovin' little hearts! and NO computer and a lost cell phone! However - TE now working, puter modem here and I found the cell phone (Nathan called me and I traced the sound!)

Anyway - am sorry to hear of your arm re-injury. Please take care of yourself.

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