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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Quilt Finished

I just love this little quilt!  Flowers, feathers, butterflies, hearts and McTavishing.  Fun to quilt, too!  A few of these pics were taken before I put on the binding because I thought I might wait to MAKE SURE the baby would be a girl (pink binding).  But then I decided I’d like the yellow binding more anyway.



I also finished the Hop to It BOM for October.


Next up is November’s block:  Block #4


And I am making bread.  Don’t you love the feel of bread dough as you knead it?


Bonnie Hunter is gearing up for a new Mystery quilt beginning this coming Friday.  This year I can actually partake.  I’m driving poor Vince crazy chattering about colors.

This afternoon I have a Skype confab with Joanne.  We usually sew together for a couple hours on Sundays.  I also sew with my mother via phone calls every hour back and forth.  (So, how far did you get this past hour?  What are you doing the next hour?)

Who do you sew with?



Joan said...

The quilt looks lovely - your quilting just makes it! HTI block is great too ...you have had a busy weekend... bet that bread was scrumptious. Let me know when Bonne Hunter has the next BOM - ... as if I dont have enough to do.

Michele Bilyeu said...

You are just plain amazing, lady! Love the scrappy, love your fun, love your energy,love that you write, quilt AND make bread!

Love, love my box of goodies. Am writing post about them, now :)

Peg said...

Great quilt - and lovely blocks! Oh, and who doesn't love a mystery - I sure do, but with two others on the go..... The bread pic makes me want to get busy!

quiltjls said...

Hi Wendy,
Michele B. posted the link to your Blog on our Yahoo group so we could all enjoy your beautiful quilting. Oh, my, it is so wonderful! What a blessed baby to have such a keepsake to grow up with!
We miss you and Helen. But good to know you are still out there quilting away.

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