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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Finished the last one

So I finished this last AAQI quiltlet.  What do you think?

These are old glasses cases taken from an optometrist's office when he retired.  My family put legs on them and refinished them.  Can you guess what I use them for?

Ta-Daaah!!!  These are 1.5" light squares and strips.  Check out Joanne's thread storage.  What do you use to store your stuff?



Helen said...

very cute!!! Love them!

Quilting Journey said...

I spend a lot of time looking out my parents windows here on Douglas Island,Alaska. This feels all soft and comfy and reminds me that I can still make this house a home and have them feel that soft lovely emotion instead of only time slipping by and so much loss.Really, really cute and clever, Wendy.

Quilting Journey said...

PS...did you get my email about your libquilters badge having the wrong settings and saying clarew. instead of inkythreads or whatever?Hover over it to the left of this and you'll see what I mean.Clare first suggested the correct html and then realized she had, indeed, just copied her own instead of explaining that each one of us needed to get her own off of her own site settings.

Joanne said...

Love the curtains! They really add something!
The cabinets are beautiful and so practical! Thanks for sharing!

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