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Friday, July 9, 2010

AAQI quiltlets

Well, I've finished 4 of the AAQI quiltlets. 

And I've got one more that's mostly done.  It just needs thin gauzy curtains. 
In other news, my photo book is selling like crazy.  People love it.  It helps that it's prime tourist season here.  Also, I had a short essay come out in Echoes, a Maine magazine.  Very exciting. 

My teen creative writing workshop is doing very well.  Some of the stories they've been coming up with have been amazing.  I'm going to set up a web space for them to post their works.  Stay tuned for that.



Clare said...

Nice ones! Great about the book.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Love them all!!!! Be sure to put photos of them in the Liberated Challenge photo album in yahoo and registration into the database when you send them in and they get numbered. It's a challenge for me to play detective when quilters forget ;) But truly...these are not only quite unique but very, very pretty!

Helen said...

I like these - a lot! I keep thinking of watercolor paintings - impressionistic! Very nice!

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