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Monday, August 16, 2010

Scribbles and Baby Quilt Done

I finished the Pooh Baby Quilt.  I'll give it to her sometime in the next couple weeks.  The baby isn't due until the middle of September.  I put leaves around the edge because, well, it's Pooh.  What do you think?  It measures 43" by 48".

I've also been hired to make a custom bag for my Aunt's Sister-in-law.  I'm not sure of the official title of that relationship to me.

I've been learning to doodle possible wholecloth designs.  Don't mind the straight lines.  Those are the cuts where I had to piece them together.  Sharon Schamber teaches this method.  See, the whole trick is to take a triangle and draw your design in there.  Then, like a paper snowflake, use a program (I used Word, but some use Paint or Adobe, or you can go use a copy machine) to flip and twist 7 copies of that triangle until you get a square.  Then you print it, clean it up and enlarge or reduce it to transfer to your wholecloth.  Go to Sharon's site.  She's got the whole process in a free video there.  This is actually the very first one I designed.  I made 8 more.  I have to get those loaded onto my computer so you can see them.  I still need something more simple for a 6 inch square.



Marj said...

Interesting concept for designing your own quilting pattern. Isn't wonderful what is shared on line from such talented people. Sure would be fun to take one of her classes.

Joan said...

Wendy - thats is absolutely wonderful. What is the finished size? Did you enlarge it to print it?

Michele Bilyeu said...

Awesome fun!

Helen said...

Baby quilt is absolutely adorable!

Helen said...

I love the design for the whole cloth quilt - just gorgeous!

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