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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Change Up

Mom got her quilt.  I mailed it Saturday and the phone was ringing Tuesday when I got home.  She’s been dragging it everywhere to show everyone ever since.  I’m glad she likes it.  Here are photos of the finished project.


I got tired of the look of my old blog.  Tell me what you think of this one.



Peggy said...

Lovely quilt! I like the 'spread' of your new blog, but where's the sidebar? Kind of miss the profile, and other links and things often found there! Also like the pages to be found at the top. Clear and easily accessible!

Kathleen C said...

Wendy, the quilt is truly gorgeous. The blocks are so simple but the quilting is wonderful, of course. It seems to me that I remember when you first began to machine quilt and you have mastered the technique is a short time. Helen has every reason to be proud of you and her gift.

Helen said...

Wendy - the folks at work LOVED it! Had 2 ladies ask if I would be willing to sell it - I bunched the quilt up next to me and told R. and the other lady NOT on a HOT bet! It is MY quilt! And I love it!

Joan said...

Lovely quilt Wendy - and that quilting is fantastic!

Clare said...

Gorgeous. Lucky Helen.

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