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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, today I finished my "Misspent Youth" quilt.  It's my first stippling project, so don't look too closely at it, okay?  Promise?  Ths "white" is actually pale blue or pale pink stripes as in the small photo.  LOL, you'd think I could take a decent photo of my quilts, but it seems I never can!

I also worked on my Feathered Star today.  Got it done.  Now trying to figure out the borders.  I want this to be a full sized bed quilt.  This little block measures 20+".

I'm thinkin' a burgandy strip border again and then something pieced on the point.  Suggestions?

My friend, Laura, has been staying with us a couple days.  She's been working on her own quilt.

Tomorrow, New Year's Eve, my writing group, Breathe, has a reading at the Turner Memorial Library in Presque Isle.  It's to be a big extravaganza, I guess.  Even if it's not, it's bound to be fun.  Anyone in the area, stop by.  It starts at 8pm.  I'll be reading some new poems and maybe a scene from One to Lose.


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