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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lots of pics - warning

I finished Prairie Children yesterday and I'm very happy with the results.  The Wind part (white) that gave me the most trouble came out beautifully.  I had double batted it and quilted it very loosely so as to make it puffy.  I wanted it to be like the soft gusts on the Illinois farm I grew up on.  Of course, we had lots of not soft winds there, too.  It was my hope that by doing this it would draw the viewer into that piece.  What do you think?  Did it work?

Once I get it hung, it'll settle out a little straighter.  I've talked about the other quiltings in this piece before, so I'll just show the back.  You see how little I quilted this?  Still, where I did, it was a fair amount. 

That was my FMQ for yesterday and the day before.  Today, since my machine was still set up that way, I went ahead and worked on my challenge piece.  I think it helped me a lot working on Prairie Children, I found this morning that I was much less inhibited by preconceived ideas.  And it was a lot of fun!

This morning I also trimmed out my scrap bucket, see? 

Oh, yeah.  Do you want to see my bag now that I've put the finishing touches on it?  It's called, "The Chix are Jammin'".   This bag is super cute and super easy to make.  Just go see Sophie.  The tutorial is on her blog.  Remember to tell her how much you like it. 



sophie said...

Wow, what a great big bunch of eye candy! I love the finished quilt and your chix, too.

Joan said...

Finished quilt looks great ...I felt the wind blow from here. Your FMQ is great ...you have been a busy person...As Sophie says - a great bunch of eye candy...

Joanne said...

Fantastic!! Great design inspirations!
I love your bag!

GailM. said...

I'm just visiting those who are on the FMQ Challenge. You are right up the road from me. I'm in Fredericton. Small world!!!

Love the bag and your FMQ work.

Sharon said...

Your FMQ is truly impressive! And yeah, I think your "wind section" works. Your Chix are cute!

Helen said...

love the FMQ!!! VERY nice!!! I would love to kidnap your chickens! And I really like the wind quilting too! Am impressed!

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