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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pink-ilicious Done

I had a guest for this last weekend.  We sat on the deck.  We read.  We watched movies.  And while she was on my machine learning the basics of FMQ, I was on the other machine making this month’s monochromatic challenge quilt.  It’s a small one to be donated to AAQI.  Introducing “Fractured”.


If you want to see more of my Monochromatic quilts, click HERE

Also, my new (lightly used) Juki TL98Q is here.  It just arrived yesterday and I haven’t set it up yet; that’ll come this weekend.  I slept with it on the chest at the end of the bed last night and had sweet dreams about quilting all night long.  I’ll take pics of her when she’s all put together and running. 



Brenda said...

lovely quilt. I have a similar Juki, and it is a dream! happy quilting.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Lovely fun, Wendy...I'm delighted to see you making quilts for us, again..you are so creative! Be sure to send me its registration number as soon as you get it so I can list it, add its photo etc to all my databases. And check out the links on my blog ..they've started hoarding quilts for Houston again!

Joan said...

Lovely quilt. Looking forward to seeing photos of your new machine when set up :)

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