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Friday, February 11, 2011

A Finish

My black Pinwheel quilt is finished.  I made this top as part of the Pinwheel Party.  I used black sheep wool from Cedarview Farms.  It quilted beautifully, but it was a bit fragile applying it to the quilt sandwich, so I used a spray baste.  All in all, a good quilting experience.
I love the way this quilt looks after washing, all the shrink crinkles make it look comfy and homey.
IMG_2731     IMG_2732     IMG_2733     IMG_2734
I’m not sure you can see the flowers in the big color blocks.  I had a lot of fun quilting the flowers and vines on this.  First I quilted in the ditch with a charcoal monofilament (clear) around each leg of the pinwheels (not the blocks – I wanted the black of the blocks to just become part of the background).  I really debated whether to quilt a background on the quilt.  I may go back and do it eventually.  I want to see how the batting behaves first.  I had little balls of wool all over it after the first washing.  I couldn't really tell if it migrated through the cloth or if it was residual from working with it.  It's quilted closely enough (the seller recommended every 2 inches).  I'll wash it again and see if it happens again.  If the batting isn't going to work and I get rid of it, then I'm not going to waste my time quilting it anymore.

Speaking of quilts, this has been my hand sewing (lunch break) project.  I’m ready to start sewing it together now.  What do you think?


Joan said...

It looks really lovely Wendy - It doent look like it was easy...wool thread?? I love your hand work blocks...I look forwrd to seeing it quilted too :)

Joan said...

I meant to ask which foot did you use for the quilting?

Joanne said...

Congratulations!!! It looks great!
Great triangles too - how big are they?♥

u-woman said...

It's a gorgeous quilt, congratulations on finishing it!

sophie said...

I love the flowers you quilted in the large black spaces. It's a stunning quilt. Good work!!

The triangles are going to be very cool.

Riel Nason said...

I remember seeing this pinwheel party quilt-a-long going on and thought the pattern was neat. You have done a great job with it and WOW the quilting is lovely!!!

Helen said...

Wendy - I LOVE the flowers you quilted in the black spaces!!! Just absolutely lovely!!!! Truly a garden of pinwheels and flowers! Love it!

And I love the hand quilted pinwheels! They have a look - and feel of laughter and bubbles - sort of a champagne-y feel!

VivJM said...

Your pinwheel quilt is wonderful! Loving those flowers :-)

Kathleen C said...

Wendy, the pinwheel finished up lovely; your quilting has that liberated feeling that we all like.
Your tiny triangles among the little triangles are perfect.

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