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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Next up to quilt

Not much has been happening here (other than remodeling), so I thought I'd tell you what's coming up next.  Remember this cute little pinwheel throw I played with in the spring?  Don't mind the other quilts under it.  I tell you, it's been COLD here!  I just love the scrappiness of this quilt.  Even the blacks are of different fabrics and lend to the homemade feel of it.


Well, I thought it was about time I quilted it.  I'm using the 505 spray instead of pinning or basting and I love it, though I've only tried it on small quilts.  This throw will be the first "big quilt" that I've used it on.  I'm glad for it, too.  I bought fresh black wool batting from Cederview Farm in Ontario.  The people there are just peachy!  The wool is outstanding and very fine.  In fact, that's a small problem:  it's delicate, because of how fine it is.  However, once I had it stabilized with the backing and spray, it was very easy to manipulate.  Here's a pic of the wool layered on the backing.  It stays well.  I can't wait to start quilting with it.  I'll be it's gonna feel like going through clouds.

I've also gotten a place in the local Christmas Market, so I'm busy assembling all my things:  hanging rings, labels, etc....  I'm also making some last minute postcards. This little tree isn't sewn down yet, but I wanted to show you what these look like. 

My two boys have been pushing me hard to keep working.  This is Elwood waiting for me.  In this picture, Jake is right behind me, following me up to The Loft.

Gotta run now.  Pizza is almost done.  It's hockey night, don't you know!



Marj said...

I just got back from a trip to my Mother's in Ohio. It will be good to see how the spray basting works. I have some but haven't tried it yet. The pinwheel top is beautiful.
Love your helpers!

Joanne said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of the wool batting.
I hope your Christmas market is going well.♥

Anna said...

Jake and Elwood! love those kitty names :-)

Joan said...

Have a successful time at the markets - that should be fun! I am sooo looking forward to seeing your quilt done - what thread are you going to use and are you going to use your 'big foot'? Its getting very hot here...and snakes are about :(

Clare said...

Have you see that Marit is using a wool batting too? She loves it.

This quilt will be so warm.

Helen said...

I love pinwheel quilt - and, Wendy, like you - I really like the difference in the blacks! That is a gorgeous quilt!!!

I've heard so many positives re wool batting! It sounds super!!!

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