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Monday, December 19, 2011

Two Done

First, I finished the Liberated Amish Nine Patch.  Very excited.  Absolutely beautiful! 



I quilted around the nine patches in the ditch because I wanted them to be the dominate image here.  Then I made free hand feathers in the fractured blocks to soften them a bit.  Again reinforcing the nine patches as dominate.  Finally, I chose a nice variegated blue thread for the serpentine border to kinda tie everything together.  Looks great in the corner blocks, doesn’t it?  Oh, btw, the border color was chosen to once again draw attention to the nine patches.


Then, when it was all done, I washed it.  Note, all these fabrics WERE prewashed.  Look what happened.  These were three different locations.  All the same dark teal.  No matter what I try, I can’t get the bleed out.  We don’t have access to some of the products locally that are available in more populated areas, so I have to wait until an order comes in to pursue this further.  Such a shame, though.  It had been wanted by a customer as a Christmas gift.  Sigh.


But, that’s not the only quilt.  No siree!  Take a look at this one.  It came out perfect.  Also sold to the same gentleman for a Christmas gift.  Note the glittery eyes at the bottom of the second photo.  That’s Jake.  He’s such a Ham!!!


Next up:  The crazy quilt.



Breathe3I have a new book out!!!  It’s an anthology of short stories made with the members of my writers’ group, Breathe.  I’m not sure how much it is yet, but I’ll be taking orders as soon as I can get it set up on the page with my other books.  There’s a limited number of books available, so reserve a copy.




BillieBee (billiemick) said...

This is an eye popping quilt. I just love it!

Joanne said...

Both your finished quilts look amazing! Can't wait to see what you quilt on the crazy quilt.

Joan said...

Lovely quilts Wendy - What a shame the dye ran! Hope you can sort it.

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