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Friday, September 10, 2010

Colder and Still Rainy

Well, not much I can say about the weather.  Pretty disappointing, actually.  The good thing:  it keeps me inside where I can pursue my quilting endeavors.

Here's the Firefly quiltlet finished along with the picture of the original by Valori Wells.  Hers is paper pieced

and is 47" x 52".  Mine is fused applique with raw edges, 12" x 14".

Next up is finishing the bag for Karen.

I got these in the mail the other day.  The book looks to be phenomenal.  All kinds of fun ideas to try in there.  As for the Halo, it's from Sharon Schamber and is supposed to be good for people with Carpal Tunnel.  I figure it should work for tendonitis, too.  I'll let you know how it works.



Joanne said...

The quiltlet is so beautiful! Love how it turned out - it seems to glow.
I hope the Halo makes quilting easier for you - good luck.
The book looks interesting too.
Lots of fun!

Joan said...

Really lovely quilt. i am sure you will find the quilt halo good. It takes a bit of getting used to...I found i was frequetnly bummping into the halo...but it really works well...be interesting to see how you go. I did order some things from SS, but the order didnt get through for some reason - I will try again later. I wanted to get the large piece of freezer paper to see how it went with the designs.

John'aLee said...

Oh...your quilts are fantastic!

Sharon said...

Oh Wendy, thanks for sharing the photo of your quiltlet! It looks wonderful! I think the raw-edge fusing was a good idea.

I hope the halo will help you. I used something similar with good results, although my quilting is pretty pitiful next to yours! Good luck.

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