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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hand Sewing

Here's my latest project finished.  Just a small wall hanging for myself.  Lately, it seems that hand sewing is all I have time for.  Just that one precious hour at lunch time a day and a couple hours on the weekend.

Ah well.  Pendulums swing and soon it will go the other way again, giving me more time to quilt.  As for writing, I've been spewing poetry nonstop.  And I've been working on "Loaded" in my head.  And yes, that counts.  A writer has to first see the story, feel it, before it can be written.  So, yes.  I've been writing.  Also, the Breathe book is (finally) printing.  A few false starts and hesitations in there, but it's on the run now.

Here's a fun video for you to enjoy.  I saw it at SewCalGal and wanted to share it with you:

Have a Happy Halloween!



Helen said...

I love your quilt!!!! And thoroughly enjoyed the video!!! Love big kitties!!!

Michele Bilyeu said...

Beautiful quilt and how lovely you can at least hand sew at work! Great you are writing at full speed, too. Isn't creativity the best feeling?

Joanne said...

Love the little quilt! Great colours!
Fun video - thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Love your little quilt ...havnt checked out the video yet - but will do so soon.

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