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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Been unwinding from the Christmas/Boxing Day hectivities

 Yup, I'm still here.  Been unloading a lot of tiredness from work's busy season.  Sleeping, sewing, being noncommunicative, you know:  zombie.  Things are slowing down nicely at work now, so I'm able to turn my attention to my badly ignored friends.  You know who you are, and I'm sorry I've been so bad to you!

So, what have I been doing in zombieland?  Well, I've finished the two beastie purses that were #6 in my list.  They aren't hard, difficult, or even particularly attractive.  They're just purses.  And I HATE purses.  I'm not sure why I thought I'd make these (way back when).  Anyway, they're done.  Now to get rid of them.  Judy Laquidara UFO Challenge done for this month.

I've also been working on the color challenge quilt that Judy Laquidara has hosted.  Rules are there, too.  The color this month is yellow.  Mine is dark yellow and gold with a cream background.  I just need to finish this little dragonfly and quilt it and then I'm done.  Whole thing finished should be right around 8" square.  The dragonfly in the middle actually has longer wings, you just can't see them because they're a slightly darker shade cream gauze over the background.  And yes, there really are gold dragonflies.  Want to see one?  Here you go.

 Isn't he gorgeous!!!!

I've also been working on the black pinwheel quilt.  This is where I am. 

We have a snowstorm on the way.  This was the morning sun.


 My newest book is available on my "My Books" page.  It's an anthology of poetry, short fiction and nonfiction.  The book is authored by the members of my writers' group, Breathe.  Here's a short piece from it (by yours truly).

Black Velvet     by Wendy Koenig

It was a precise June
not “Singing in the Rain”
but smoother
more comfortable
Makers Mark or

It gave one chance to pause
and test
street-corner paintings and
shapely women
who snuck in back
doors and
stole coffers

That's just one of the poems in our book, Breathe, Volume II.

The Lord of the Manor has demanded my attention, so I must go now.  Been nice talking to you again.


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Heather said...

Beautiful! You have found such a nice way of blending your writing and quilting interests. I had that intention when I first set up my blog several years ago, but it has become pretty much a quilting/sewing blog over time. One of these days, I really must "pick up the pen" again. Thanks for the inspiration!

(And congrats on getting those "two beastie purses" finished! lol They are very pretty!)

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