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Friday, February 10, 2012

Flash from the Past

While I’m working on the Anita’s Arrowhead setting triangles, I really don’t have anything new to post.  Because of my work schedule, it’s been slow going.  So, I thought I’d show you a few of my first quilts.  When I was a child, I was always badgering my mother to let (read “help” here) me make a quilt.  Life was crazy/busy at the time and we never had a chance.  Grown up, I finally made my first little quilt: a wall hanging that I posted here.

This one is probably the second quilt I ever made, and certainly the first bed-sized quilt ever.  After this one I said, “NO MORE!”  It was heavy and a bear to quilt.


This also began my cats' love affair with quilts.  This one was so fun to make, I decided to make another.  Remembering that I had all these drapery/upholstery samples, I quickly followed with this one that I made in much the same manor as the kitty wall hanging I’d first made.

I love the way this quilt shimmers when the light hits it!!!  You can see Elwood all excited about it.  However, Jake laid claim to this one.  Can you see it’s a 3-D quilt?  Here’s some close-ups.   Yes, that’s trapunto.
And so it began!  It’s been an obsession ever since. 



Joan said...

They are Lovely Wendy

Clare said...

Who wouldn't fall in love with Amish quilts. Glad you decided to stickwith it!

Raewyn said...

Gosh I've missed a few posts. Your quilts are lovely.. love the effect of the Amish one and the 3-D flower.

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