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Thursday, March 31, 2011

One of those ... three weeks?

Just and FYI to everyone.  This "cold" takes at least 3 weeks to get over. I'm just sayin' to be prepared:  20 boxes of kleenex, 3 bottles of nyquil, and 2 cases of chicken soup.  The good thing, I lost 5 pounds.

I've just recently started sewing again.  I started with the brown monochromatic quilt.  I got this far before I ran out of thread and couldn't find my second spool.  Now I'm waiting for a replacement to come in the mail.

Next, I trimmed my red diamond quilt for the UFO challenge.  But, I don't like the black fabric I have, so I have to wait until I can pick up some more.  After that, I moved on to my hand quilt.  Things didn't line up right, so I have to "unstitch" a few seams. 

I did, however, have more luck with Mom's quilt.  Here, you see that I've gotten the second border on.  One more to go and then it's quilting time.

I also had great luck working on my novels and am now pursuing a new publisher and an agent.  Wish me luck!

Breathe Writers' Group has a book reading/signing scheduled for 1 pm, April 16th at the Caribou Public Library.  If you're nearby, stop in.  

Thanks for all the "Get Well"s you wonderful people sent me.  Believe me, they were oh-so-very appreciated.



Joan said...

Quilting looks great! Its good to see you blogging. Get 100% soon...and hope Vince is also feeling better..nothing worse that a sick man :)

Joanne said...

Your quilting is looking beautiful!!!
Good luck with finding a new agent and publisher.♥

Marj said...

Your feathers are looking good. Glad that you are feeling better.

Helen said...

Wendy - your brown is jst absolutely lovely!!!

Sorry to hear Vince is sick - and yes, I agree with Joan! Sounds though like you are moving along wonderfully otherwise! Good luck with the publisher and printer!

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