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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

It's the time of year for love and joy.  I wish that for all of you! This postcard came from Dorothy, in the LibQuilters group.  It was part of a postcard swap.

Vince and I are spending Christmas Eve with his mom and family.  Then Christmas day is a quiet together day for just the four of us (Jake and Elwood are included in that number - Elwood in the foreground and Jake watching).  Sunday, it's back to work for me.  I get to help set up the store for the Boxing Day sale.  For those of you who don't know, Boxing Day is usually the day after Christmas and is THE largest retail day in Canada (think Black Friday). 

I've been working on the third novel in The Dijru Hand series, Moene Rising.  Something about a novel that just grounds me.  My two short projects, Loaded and Palindrome, are still ongoing in bits and snatches between chapters of the novel.

Breathe (writers' group) is working on getting book signings for our latest volume.

As for quilting, I've been working on the black pinwheel quilt.  I have all the outlines done and have added a few colored outlines of flowers in the black background.  This is a picture of one of those.  Next to it is an invisithread flower in the square.  I like freehand FMQ best (because I can't follow a line to save my life).  I plan on McTavishing the rest of the background and will probably start that this week sometime.  Slow going these days, but at least it's going.

So, that's me.  What are you doing?

These are the Falls this morning.  Again, Happy Holidays!!!


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Joanne said...

Lots going on!
The pinwheel quilt is looking fantastic! Fabulous falls picture!
Have a wonderful, restful Christmas!♥

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