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Sunday, December 12, 2010


I’m testing Windows Live Writer.  I’ve been so dissatisfied how limited I am with Blogger and this morning I saw Bonnie was trying out this new Writer and I saw all the cool things she could do.  So, here I am, trying it too.
It posts exactly like it looks in the window.  The biggest deal is placing photos.  It’s no fun being a photographer if your photos are all over the page.  I don’t want anything fancy.  Just something not stone age will do.  Take these pics of my first three Anita’s Arrowhead block.  I can make the pic any size I want, not just small, medium, large and extra large.  I can stretch it, too.
IMG_2707          IMG_2707
I can change the color, sharpen it, blur it, tilt it , watermark it, or even change the border.
IMG_2707Just typical Windows stuff, still it’s cool to be able to do SOMETHING with them, huh?Winking smile  There’s an enormous font selection, too.  Here I am outlining pinwheels.  Don’t mind my dry hands.  It’s a byproduct of working at Wal Mart.  Note:  my bigfoot has took quite a beating with that Kaleidoscope quilt.  See the circular shaped chip in the back?

What else is cool?  It’s only 12 days till Christmas. 
Even cooler than that:  It’s only 7 days until Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year.  After that, the days get longer.  It’ll be spring, baby!!!!!!!
Nothing cooler than that!


Joanne said...

The arrowhead blocks look great - I like the fabric.
I am so pleased that days will start getting longer!!
Windows live writer seems like a great idea - thanks for sharing.

Joan said...

Windows live writer sounds interesting... Are you going to change...and if so how do you 'take your previous stuff' with you...lots a questions :) Arrowhead blcks look neat too :)

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