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Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 UFO Challenge

Welcome to 2011! May your year be filled with laughter and joy! May you steal enough time to visit the things you really care about: quilts, family, writing, whatever. Mostly, may you have peace this year.

Judy Laquidara is hosting a UFO Challenge for 2011.  She explains all the rules on her site, so I won't go into them here.  This is my list of 12, in the order I have them on the "My Quilts" page of this blog, plus a few more.

1. Red Diamond Log Cabin - needs borders, center applique and quilting
2. Diamond Table Topper - just needs to be quilted
3. Roman Strip Star - needs the borders finished and to be quilted
4. Crazy Quilt - needs the solid blocks trapuntoed, put together, borders?, and quilting
5. Feathered Star Medallion - needs the top piecing finished and quilted
6. 2 Purses - just a few small details to finish
7. Spanish Steps - needs the background blocks cut, borders made and quilted
8. Blue with Orange diamonds - needs quilted
9. Anita's Arrowhead Quilt - needs finished piecing and quilted
10. Laurel Burch Quilt - needs piecing and quilting
11. Two small waterfalls/lake quiltlets - need to be finished designing and quilted
12. Crayola Quilt - needs to be finished piecing and quilted

As I said, these are listed in the same order as what I have already established a few months ago.  There isn't any priority in these.

These two quilts are very important and need to be done in the beginning of the year, so I've withheld them from the list.  I'll be working on them while the others are ongoing.  The good news is that Judy has pulled #6 for the first month, so I'll just be putting the finishing touches on the two purses.  That will leave lots of time to work on these two.

Mom's Friendship Star - needs borders to be put on and quilted
Pinwheel Quilt - needs finished quilting

This should be fun!  I have no illusions that some months I may not finish my task.  But, trying is what makes it exciting, right?



Joan said...

Your list sounds great Wendy...I would need to go check through a lot of stuff - some of my UFO's probably havnt surfaced for a while I would thnk. I will try to get a list up by the end of themonth ...no promises to myself though :( Its a great way to go though

Michele Bilyeu said...

For someone who just started quilting, like yesterday, you've collected quite the list of projects! You go, girl!

Helping Finn with her challenge and doing 25 projects in less than 2 months done did me in on top of Christmas and 4 birthdays in our little family. Oh my!

'Mile a Minute Michele' will just catch your down draft, pick the bugs out of her teeth, and grin ;)

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