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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Top Sewn

The Top Center of the Christmas Quilt #1 is finished.  Now I need to decide on borders.  Thankfully, I investigated my fabric in depth before I began sewing the center together.  You might notice that the sashing squares are now red instead of gold and off white.  I discovered I had not enough of either of those for a decent border.  Visiting quilt shops failed to provide the right color gold, too.  So, since the red was scrappy in the center of the quilt, I decided to use a red that was new to the quilt and added the red squares in the sashing to tie it in.  This is roughly what it will look like when it's all sewn.  I'm going to do some feathers in the borders, maybe a giant wreath in the center.  Both with trapunto.  I'm trying to think how in-depth I want to go with this.  This will be my first market and I don't know how well what I like to make will sell.  This is a very economically depressed area, naturally, and the economic turmoil across the world lately hasn't helped.  I also don't want to do too much (and force a higher price) if I'm not going to keep it.  Think I'll keep it simple and see if some of my more detailed pieces sell.

I've been sick, too.  Nasty head cold.  Summer colds are THE worst, I think.  I knew I was getting sick when I didn't want to quilt and I couldn't remember my characters' names four chapters into my story.  Anyway, that's done and over with except for a stupid cough that just hangs on.

Gotta work today.  I've been working close to full time lately.  Between that and 2 part-time businesses I run (with help), my two hobbies (writing and quilting) and my family (Vince and the two kitties), I've been busy.  But that's normal.  I've often joked that I just don't have time for a job.  My wallet disagrees.



Helen said...

how many borders????

What about a VERY narrow red border with a gold border wider than the dark sashing and the dark again?

I like the red next to the dark better than the gold - a little will spark the whole thing - BUT by the same token - too wide a red will pull your eye to the red instead of the center pattern. Some gold may help downplay some of the red pulling your eye outward - and at the same time reflect the inner pattern. Or so it seems to me.

just my 1c worth!

Joan said...

I am looking forward to seeing it completed.

Joanne said...

The quilt looks beautiful! You are right about not wanting to make it too expensive for someone to buy.
Hope your cough clears up!♥

Laurie said...

I really like the lattice behind the lattice look. Congratulations

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