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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cold and Rainy

The wonderful warm weather we had has left us with the passing of the remains of Earl.  It's cold, windy and drizzly here: the beginning of Fall.  Sigh.  Had to come some time, I guess.  I hope there are still a few balmy days left.  You never know, up here.

I have a friend coming into town, so I'm going to try to find some gold  Metallic thread for that wide red border of the Christmas quilt while we're shopping today.  If I can't find any, then I have to order some.  So, that quilt grounded for the moment, I moved back to the Firefly blocks I had.  I think a smaller quiltlet is more what I want from this and so I cut some pieces for sashing and borders and put them all together.  It's now pinned and ready for quilting.

No editing of my writing yet today.  But the day is young.

Mom's birthday is tomorrow, so "Happy Birthday, Mom!"



Helen said...

thank you for the Birthday wishes!!! And I love love love your firefly quilt! It's just as cute as... well, as - a firefly!

GerryART said...

Wendy, thanks for visiting my blog.

Our weather has turned cool down from the 80s lately to the 60s today.

Autumn is here ! ! !


Victoria Findlay Wolfe said...

earl passed us by! yippee! love this starry beauty!

Joan said...

Firefly quilt is really great!! Great combination of coloours. Weather is is cold, blowing a gale and really heavy rain. Makes the fire look good :)

u-woman said...

And it's looking fantabulous, the points are so crisp!

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