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Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm Christmasing!

So, I went to the little Farmers' Market a couple weekends ago.  I've been considering having a booth for both my quilts and my books.  I found out they also have a Christmas Market that is very inexpensive for booth space.  Does anyone have experience with this type thing?  Is it worth it? 

As I was talking to a friend of mine last night, she said (innocently), "Oh?  You have some Christmas quilts?" .......  "Well not yet."  "You should probably be thinking about getting some done soon so you have a few for the market."  I guess that's a duh for most people, but it somehow escaped my attention that I'd need some actual Christmas quilts.  See, I thought I'd just go and sell what I had already.  Regular quilts for gifts.  Needless to say, this put me into a bit of a frenzy (yes, I know it's only August - well, September - but you know me and my schedule).

I bought some Christmas fabric (yes, it's out already!).  Then I remembered some bits and pieces of started blocks that were sent to me during the early summer.  Some of those were Christmas blocks.  I dug them out and decided on these blocks and this basic pattern.  That black and red is a bit dark, so I think I'll try some sashing to lighten it up a bit, maybe with a small center block.  Nice.  

Let's try putting a few together to see how that four-way will work.  And it's too dark.  Let's flip the red-black block around.  I think it'll need sashing there, too (and a center block to tie it to the other sashing).  Now, we're getting somewhere!  

Let's add more blocks.  Yummy.  I'm not sure I like the scrappiness of the four patches at the cross section of the greens.  How about all greens (at the top)?  

Browns?  Reds!  With browns at the opposite corners!!!!  Oh yeah!  I don't think I like the all gold blocks at the cross sections.  Maybe different colors?  Let's widen it, too.
And that's it!  Right there.  Let's go sew it together!  We'll figure the border later.

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