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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Katharine Guerrier and the next Chapter

Scrap Quilt Sensation  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm crazy about Katharine Guerrier's quilts.  I love the way the color flows across the quilt, subtly blending and mottling at the same time.  I love how she mixes all colors together based just on "how it feels".  That's the way lots of quilters do it:  how it feels.  Anyway, I took a few hours and put this Squares and Diamonds top together.  K.G. has a wide solid colored border on hers, but I think I want a smaller piece.  This is made from all vintage 70s fabrics.  It's not very big, but I love it. I'm toying with the idea of making it a double sided piece for the table. 

 Each block is 3" and I used pins to stick these in my layout wall.  By the time I was finished with that, my fingers were pretty sore.  I decided it was time for something better.

So, I went to the store and bought some flannel (white) and pinned that up on my wall, completely covering it.  Now I can place my 6" blocks without pins.  They just stick to the flannel.  I tried a pieced top, but it won't stay.  I don't think it's the weight of it that keeps it from sticking, but rather the number of seams that hold the fabric away from the wall.  Anyway, no more sore thumbs.

I also finished the sunburst/firefly blocks from the gorgeous hand-dyes I won from Sharon.  Here's a few of them (no, this isn't my newly flanneled layout wall).  Stunning, aren't they?  Now to make the rest of the wall hanging and fuse these into place. 

I've been working on the next chapter in my mystery story, Loaded to Bear.  In it, my protagonist and his arch enemy have a small face to face and confrontation.  This is an odd story for me (told you my writing was changing).  The evil killer person in this story isn't the arch enemy, he's the catalyst.  Instead, the conflict between my hero (Game Warden Paul) and his enemy (Police Officer Todd) is on a more personal level.  At least in the beginning.  We'll see where this goes.  Other characters:  Medical Examiner Bob and Paul's Girlfriend Sara.  Evil Killer person doesn't have a name yet.  I'm open to suggestions on this.  Anyway, that chapter is almost done, but I don't know when I'll have time to type it into the computer.  Maybe tomorrow.  I'd like to take it to the Breathe meeting Saturday.



Kathleen C said...

Wendy, your sunburst blocks are great; they make me want to try something similar. I always like your use of color. Kathleen

Joan said...

Love your KG quilt..interesting combination for colours. Your book sounds intriguing. By the way - Andrea loved that book she got :)

Sharon said...

Oh Wendy, the blocks with the hand-dyes are fabulous!! It's so funny to recognize "my" fabric being used on someone else's blog. Kind of a weird sensation, really. And, your blocks look so good, you might actually inspire me to do something with the pile of fabrics I have.

I think your K.B. quilt looks good. The colors have a nice balance to them . . . and I firmly believe in placing fabrics in a quilt so they "feel" right

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