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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yesterday I planted my flowers.  I finished in time to start the steaks on the grill and then it began to rain.  Here's my deck freshly planted.  I'll take a pics again in a few weeks so we can see how the little darlin's are doing.  That would be Vince peeking over the planter.  He's hiding from the camera.  That's okay.  I'll get him next time.  Elwood is staring at birds. 

Um, this is a spliced photo.  Hence, you have a kitty tail with no body and the boards on the deck bend.

This is what the wind does to my flowers.  It's almost a constant wind here, so if anyone knows a flower that can put up with that, please let me know.  I just try to grow low growing plants.  I admit the Begonias were a bad choice because they are soooo tender, but I love them and there's only so long I can resist them.

Flowering plant of some kind in the planter in front of the deck.  The flowers will loose their petals and leave the stamens.  Kinda funny looking when that happens.  I don't know what plant this is.  Do you?

My first deck ornament.  Isn't he cute?

I finished the star table topper yesterday.  In the end, I decided against trapunto on those little teardrops (because I couldn't make it work).  Next time, I'll double batt before I sew like I did with the center.  That's the bad thing about not having a plan:  You get to miss out on special things.  Isn't the binding wonderful, though?  It's my first time making my own biased binding.  I got the "recipe" from Sharon Schamber.  Thanx Joan for letting me know about these free classes.

Jake has claimed this one.

Going up to The Loft to work on ... something. 


Marj said...

Wow! your deck is looking good. The star table topper is beautiful and you should be very proud of yourself. Jake is a very smart kitty, cause he claimed it first before anyone else had a chance. Can't wait to see what you create next.

Joan said...

The deck looks fantastic - as does your star topper. The binding is so neat!...so pleased you went to check out Sharon Schambers site. I waswn to try out the applique there..hav finally got the glue and te 'paper stuf' sorry cant remember the word :) I DO howeveknow what I mean...thankfully. Jake knows a good thing when he sees it.

Joan said...

Sorry the spelling is so woeful

Joanne said...

Your deck looks beautiful and so peaceful!!
I love the way your table topper turned out.

Sharon said...

Wow, your deck looks like it's party time! Just beautiful.

Your table topper is a beauty too. I love your quilting. And yes, it is kitty-sized, isn't it? Smart Jake!

Helen said...

I love the deck!!!

Also love your table toppers - just gorgeous!

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