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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FMQ Challenge Winners!!!

Here it is folks, that moment you've all been waiting for!!!  And the drum roll, please ... Joanne!  Joanne?  Yes, Joanne.  She wins the McTavishing book.  I numbered the finished participants alphabetically according to how I had them registered and used the random number generator. 

Check out to see who won the other prize.

Now to other business.  I finished the FMQ on my star.  All that's left is the trimming, binding and the trapunto.

That's pretty much for today.  TTYL!!!


SewCalGal said...

I did finish, but I truly plan to keep on practicing. This was a great challenge and I learned a lot in participating. Thanks for the encouragement to do this challenge. Amazing how much my free motion quilting skills improved in such a short time. But I still have so much to learn that I want to keep this up.

Your piece is so beautiful and inspirational. I love it. And dream of the day I could create something as beautiful as yours!


Joan said...

Congratulations to Joanne...YAYYYYY
Wendy - thank you for the FMQ Challege. Its the best thing I have done in ages.. I have learnt lots. I will continue to practise...I just wish I could make quilts quicker to do the quilting on :)
Thanks again and for all the encouragement too.

Joan said...

Silly me! What I forgot to say - I just love your quilt. Tte quilting looks fabulous! Do show it again when the binding is on.

GailM. said...

Joan and Joanne are both great stitchers and I'm glad they won. Thanks so much for hosting the challenge. I'm just binding up all my practice pieces to use as references or cat matts!

I really love your round star. It's darling.

Helen said...

Congratulations both Joan and Joanne!!!! You both are fantastic quilters!

And Wendy - I am positively drooling over your star - it is exquisite!

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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