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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Off to the Breathe Writers' Retreat!

I'm so excited!!!  It's raining and cool out, with a forecast of mostly not sun, but I'm excited!!!  I'm all packed and there's still an hour before we have to go!  I even snuck in a few quilting blocks to take!  Doubt I'll have time for them, but you never know.

I have my library workshop group I'm teaching today, too.  They're such cute kids!!!  I'd love to publish pics here of them, but it's a scary world for kids these days and I don't want anything to happen to these few under my care.  Maybe a group picture later.

I worked hard on my Kaleidoscope quilt yesterday.  Over half-way done now.  I finished up the half-done Spanish Steps blocks that were sitting beside the Brother machine.  I still have lots more to make, but these three are my most favorite fabrics and why I fell into doing it with blues.

I also finished the poor butterfly I ran out on.  See how cute he is?

And then there were the liberated blocks I'm sending off to the Global Change project.  Do you recognize them?  They've been hanging on my ceiling as part of the sampler quilt, but they don't seem to fit in well, so I'm sending them away.  Bad blocks.  Badddddd.......!

See you when I get back!



Színek és álmok said...

The butterfly is very kind!

Joanne said...

I love the fabrics on the Spanish steps blocks!

Cherie Black said...

Yeah, I'm commenting on your excitement about the retreat after it's occurred... I enjoyed hanging out on the dock with you and loved seeing your excitement after Vince's prompt. Peace out, Squirrel Feeder :-D

Unknown said...

The blocks are beautiful and will find a home nicely in our Global Quilt Project.
Thank you for participating in our project. We are amazed at the wonderful response we have received from quilters around the world.
Thank you again!
Amy Allen
Global Change, Inc

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