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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Sunday Morning!

It's raining here.  Nothing new.  We had one afternoon of brilliant sunlight on Friday.  That was spectacular.  I went out on the deck and baked myself with a book.  When I woke up, the fragrance from the blooming flowers was thick in the air.  A hummingbird was busy helping itself to the flowers centered on the table right in front of me!  The boys were on high alert.

The sun has always been good for loosening up my thinking (imagining me with loose thinking might scare some people), but they were GOOD thoughts about my writing.  I worked out a couple kinks in the upcoming Dijru Hand series.  I also decided what to do about Bright Shining Star (short story).  I'll be working on those this week.

Had a good writers' group meeting on Saturday.  Really good.  4 new people.  Two had been before, but it was the first time for the other two.  I hope they all stick with us.  Different voices add new dimensions to the critiques we give and they all had valid things to say.

Didn't do much quilting other than starting the Amish quilt.  I was going to try my big quilt again, see if my wrist could take it, but then I realized that the feet being up would create too much drag and decided to wait for my new machine to come back from its professional, take-apart cleaning.  Got that back and am now ready to roll.

You can see the beginning of the squiggle lines.  Buried the threads on it already.  All the little 9-patches will be criss-crossed with them.  Worked a bit on some hand stitching on Mom's quilt.  Felt good to be getting back to that.


Sandy said...

hi Wendy, I am enjoying your blog! (found you at Joan's at Leschenault) anyway, I have a question-when I use safety pins, 3" spacing, and a walking foot, I still end up with "crinkles" on the back of my quilt, Hiss, Any hints? I have resorted to basting spray - but, would like to use pins if I could perfect the knack LOL. PS: I too was on Active Duty- nurse, Viet Nam 70-71. I wanted to be stationed in Mich upon return, but no slot for nurse- got Ohio instead. Close... Sandy

Joanne said...

Love the squiggle lines!

Sharon said...

Oh, I just noticed that you have 2 9-patches with reverse color from the others...what fun! The quilting is looking good. Take it easy with that wrist...

Isn't it wonderful when the sun shines?? We had a beautiful day yesterday, and now we're rainy and gloomy again. But yesterday was so great, it'll hold me for a few days! Glad you made some progress on your writing thoughts!

Joan said...

Like you new quilt Wendy. and the squiggles are looking good. Its raining and cold here...another small burst of winter. Would like to read some of your writing.

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