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Friday, June 4, 2010

Big Foot

Here's some quick (and fuzzy - sorry)pics to help explain how to attach your BigFoot.  It's a bit difficult the first few times until you get used to it.

First, note that this foot is different from most because it has a hole for the presser foot post.  Your post has to actually go down inside there. 

The second thing to note is that this foot has a moveable outer sleeve which you can move down with pressure on the bottom lip. 

This is the way the foot will sit on your machine.  The writing will be facing you.  First, Place the bar over the top of the needle screw.  At this point, you've done nothing with attaching it to the post.

Second, gently slide the sleeve of the foot down so that the hole can move under the post.  Then, once it's in position, carefully slide the sleeve back up so that the post is inside the hole.  It's a little difficult.  Mine was a very tight fit.  If you find the post can't get into that hole no matter what you do (don't use too much force), take a small file and gently rasp some of the plastic away.  BE CAREFUL!  The last thing you want is a foot that wobbles around and breaks your needle.  File away only small amounts at a time, testing it frequently.
Once the foot is in place, it should be up snug against the screw.  You should also be able to see the post from under the hole.  Any problems, email me.


Rana said...

I used to use the big foot before i got a different machine. LOVED it!
Hope all is fabulous up there in beautiful Maine.

Sandra Henderson said...

You gals who FMQ just fascianate me! Can't wait to see more of your work! XO

Joan said...

THats Great Wendy
I get it on my Bernina OK - as I have the adaptable part...but it wont work on my Pffaf...May see if I can an adapter for that too.. The photos were great - thankyou.

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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