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Monday, June 7, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This week, I want to finish the quilting on the Amish-type table-topper.

I will also be working on these for the AAQI.

I'm going to try to get this guilting going under my machine again when finished with the one above.

And that's all quilting.  I'm also going to be cutting 3" colored squares (5+ from each piece of fabric) for a Spanish Steps quilt.  My friend Joanne made one and it's beautiful!  I've gone round and round about the colors for this quilt.  Ultimately, it's a scrap quilt.  So, I'll be using scrap fabrics that have enough to make those 5+ squares.  And a few odd ones for the border.

I'll also be working on my short story, Bright Shining Star.  It's a Science Fiction about a girl who is caring for her very young ADHD brother.  They've both been abandoned by their parents and now live in one of the many transient camps that sprang up because of the ADHD epidemic.  Actually, I'm not sure how short this will be.  I may not put it in the upcoming anthology just because it'd make a peachy teen book.  Gotta think on that.

Between all that, work and working on the REALIA conference, my week is filled.

What are YOU working on this week?  Get over to Judy's blog and let us know!


Diane said...

Love what you've got going on this week! I checked out the Spanish steps quilt--WOW that is so cool!

Gari said...

Sounds like you have a pretty full plate. My DIL#3 has just finished a novel and it is in the editing stage. Sounds like a lot of work to me but she is really excited.

Kare said...

I cannot wait to see the quilt on your design deck when it's done. It is gorgeous!

QuiltSwissy said...

Love the Spanish Steps, i have alwway wanted to do one. And your Amish is fabulous!


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