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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good Morning!

I hope your day goes well! 

I'm back at work today.  Sigh.  I sure miss those unemployment days when I could do what needed to be done here at home.  Instead, I have to let thins slide until I have time for them.  Still, I'm glad to have a paycheck.  No complaints, just an observation.

Yesterday, I finished that little quiltlet I was going to give to my friend (forgive the darkness of the pictures, but I wanted you to be able to see the quilting).  Now, though, I think she'd rather have money so she can get her own apartment quicker.  She'll be staynig with her family until she raises the cash to live alone.  I can always send her a quiltlet when she moves into her new place.  This one will go to AAQI.

I also worked on the hand stitching on this one while watching "Hot Shots" last night.  Note:  I stabbed myself three times I was laughing so hard.  That movie never fails to make me laugh.  I just have the bottom flower left to outline and then I'll do some background stitching.  Possibly McTavishing, but I don't know yet.

I also did some major revamping in The Loft.  The Kaleidoscope quilt kept giving me fits, so it just plain came of the machine.  To return to later.  I also realized that the problem with the sampler that was on my ceiling wasn't the misfitting blocks.  It was the whole thing.  I just don't like it.  So that came down too.  And then I was out of sewing time.  But I feel much less stressed (your sewing time shouldn't be stressful!).  I'll keep working on the AAQI quilts (there are 10 right now, 3 completed and the other 7 in various stages - I did all the stitiching in one color that I needed on all 10, then switched colors, hence the "various stages").

Off to work I go.

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