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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Early Evening Rain

I love days when it rains when the sun is shining, don't you?  Look at that rainbow!  It was too large to fit the whole thing in my camera, but it was a full rainbow.  That's a field of mustard it's landing in front of.  And yes, it really is that bright in person.

Haven't done much in the way of anything the last couple days besides work and recuperate from work. 

Enjoy your evening!



sophie said...

Wow. That really is some rainbow and the mustard field looks like it's glowing ... maybe from the presence of the pot of gold at the rainbow's end?

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. Amazing capture of color & lighting.


Sandra Henderson said...

Oh my! This is beautiful!
What do they do with the mustard?, for the seeds? looks like France!, but then that BIG SKY is like WY. You live in a gorgeous place!

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