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Friday, July 2, 2010


Today I've been painting some of my AAQI quiltlets.  I used acrylics (yes, those are coloring books torn up to help blot the ink).  In a few instances where I wanted precise painting and no bleed, I also used a textile medium.  The blue paint on the heart is a good example.

Most of the time I just wanted a good overall colorwash.  I did this by painting a section and then brushing water on it.  It's very important to remember that colorwash will go all the way through a quilt sandwich.  Make sure you have wax paper under your blotting paper.


Other times, I mixed water with the paint first and then applied it.

The next step with these little beauties is any final applique or stitching.  That'll be ... Sunday?  Maybe Tuesday?  Or Wednesday?

Ah well.  Soon, anyway.



Barbara said...

I have come across your blog and I love that you paint your fabric and quilts. I start out with watercolour or acrylic on muslin and then sometimes take watercolours to them afterwards.
Really nice painting and quilt work!
Very best wishes,

Barbara said...

Hi again,
I just realized you were from Grand Falls ~ we were both transplanted from NF. (St. John's and Gander) I am very glad I came across your blog!
Take care,

Joan said...

Your painting looks great Wendy - I too have been playing with paints...not recently - but it does interest me. Hope to do some on my FMQ samples. Do like the way you are doing it.

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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