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Monday, May 10, 2010

What's on my Design Wall

Well, now that I've removed the bad quilting from my Prairie Children quilt, it's back under the sewing machine.  I'm thrilled.  While I've been working on removing the stitching that tangled the back, I've come up with a couple more ideas for it.  Hopefully, tho, I'll be done with it today.  Unless I come up with more ideas!  : D

I worked on it some yesterday, too, for the FMQ Challenge (as today's is).  I can see my FMQ getting better and better every day.  I'm glad to have the Challenge to encourage me to work on it every day.  It's fun, too, to have other quilters doing it along with me.  Just look at my sidebar to see a partial list.  More people join every day.  If any of you are wanting to get better at your FMQ, join us!  It's really simple, just FMQ every day for two weeks.  Leave a comment here or on Joanne's blog to let me know you're taking up the guantlet.  The FMQ doesn't have to be big; it can be a sample.  LOL, I've got so many samples, I've been thinking of making a throw with them!

I also have some chicken eyes to FMQ.  Hopefully I'll get to those today. 


Gari said...

I think one of the best things about the internet and blogs is that we can challenge each other, no matter where we live. I have found that the challenges have kept me working even when I have felt "blah." I love your quilt: thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

I hope to tackle FMQ one day. You seem to be doing well.

Myra said...

Wonderful design wall creations! 8-)

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