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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Challenge and Drawing

It's May.  The M reminds me of something else:  Free Motion Quilting (FMQ).  My friend, Joanne, and I we'd like to challenge you to join us in FMQ this month.  Here are the details:

Leave a comment at either my blog or Joanne's that you'd like to join us.

You FMQ every day for two weeks (no days off), but they can be any two weeks as long as it begins and ends in May.  It can be anything you want, including 14 days of practice sandwiches.

You're on the honor system.  We'd love for you to blog (If you have one.  If not, that's okay too) about it as you go, but we're not going to check every blog every day.  If you cheat, we won't know, but you will.

Mastering the Art of McTavishingAt the end of your two weeks, leave contact info and another message that you successfully completed the challenge and would like to be entered in the drawing for either a copy of Karen McTavish's Mastering the Art of McTavishing , or a clover marking pen and a couple spools of Aurifil thread.  We'll draw two names at the end of the month.

Pretty simple, actually.  Joanne and I are already going.



SewCalGal said...

Great Challenge. I'm traveling to the 13th, but I'll start shortly after I return. Thanks for inspiring, as I really do want to improve my free hand machine quilting skills!


Helen said...

I wanna join - I do! I do!!!! Biggest challenge I have would be FMQ EVERY day for 2 weeks! Although I sure can think of ways to do it (FMQ sampler???)

Joan said...

Yes please - me too! me too ! I have the McTavishing book... still havnt masterd it - so I need to practise :)Can I count today? I must make up some more sandwiches - sound like I should be on a diet doesnt it...Giggling.

Kathy said...

This is just the challenge that I need. i do not have a blog yet but will do the 14 day challenge with you gals that do! I first read this on your friend Joanne's blog and my friend gail has decided to take the challenge too, so we can challenge and keep up with each other! I will start tomorrow May 10th, 2010 until the 24th YIPEE! THANKS for "making" me do it!

Linda said...

What I great idea - I just found your blog via Design Wall Monday and I want to FMQ for 2 weeks straight too although I can't start until next week it is a good thing there are 31 days in May!

SewCalGal said...

I was actually pleasantly surprised how this exercise really helped my machine quilting. I still have a lot to learn, but my free motion quilting skills really improved.


PS - I'd love to try Mastering the Art of McTaverishing.....if I could Master her style of quilting I'd be so very happy!

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