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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's Missing?

Here's my FMQ from Tuesday.  I'm just beginning in this photo.  I was able to do a few rows.  

And here's my quilt yesterday.  But wait, where was I?  They were calling rain for tonight and this stain takes 24 hours to dry.  Point in fact, it did sprinkle a bit on it, but the stain seems okay.

I did eventually get to the quilt, but not until late at night after watching Iron Man 2 at the theater.  I think the movie was okay.  Lots of neat effects and great action.  I think, though, that Downey Jr. had a hard time with this one.  More stressful perhaps.  Anyway, Mickey Rourke is spectacular and really, in my opinion, outperformed everyone.

Best picture of the day:  Elwood playing under the covers.  Those are his feet sticking straight up, waiting for my hand to come attack him.

Enjoy your day!  Make time to play!


Sandra Henderson said...

You are encouraging me to try FMQ~ I have tops building up and just need to sit and quilt them! YOU"VE BEEN BUSY! WOW! LOTS going on...
Love your quilts and the deck looks great! XO

Joan said...

I must have missed this post - I cant see his feet

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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