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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Deck

In the winter I miss my deck.  For more than one reason ...

See that stain going across the floor of the deck, by the boys?  That means I HAD to pin this today or pin it inside.  Vince is smack in the middle of staining, but he's at work right now.  Besides, I think I've procrastinated the required amount of time on this one, don't you think?  I love working on my crafts outside.  When I had the stable, I used to crochet afghans on the front porch in the full sun.  Heat doesn't bother me too much (except those hot flashes, but that's a different story).

That's a queen-sized quilt, btw.  We have a VERY nice deck.

Working outside has its drawbacks.  First, I have to hurry before the sun sits on my quilt for too long.  Yes, those are my feet.  Huge, aren't they? 

Then, there's the neighbors.  I finally told this spider to go mind his own business and if I wanted to pin my quilt on my deck then I could.  He went to live in another land ... if you get my meaning.

Spiders are okay if theyr'e keeping their manners.  I actually wrote a childrens' series based on a cat and spider sleuthing team.  It's currently making the rounds of agents and publishers. 

Another drawback:  Somewhere under this deck are about 50+ quilting pins, a few pens and pencils, possibly a seam ripper and a myriad of other things.  Still, it's sooooo worth it.

Here's the FMQ from yesterday.  I finished the stripes.  And no, they didn't get better.  I just decided they weren't that important!  This will be set aside in favor of the FMQ on the quilt.  Eventually, I'll come back to this one.  It's kind of a "if I don't have anything else to work on" project.

Today is THE LAST DAY you can enter the FMQ Challenge, provided you work on a piece TODAY.

Day off today and tomorrow.  Hockey tonight.  Go Habs!



Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I usually clear all of the furniture out of my kitchen, but I'll be moving outdoors next time!!

Vals Quilting said...

Hi Wendy, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :) Love this quilt you are pinning I always do my pinning in our bonus room but outside would be the BEST I'm thinking about it. I love your comment about the spider because they are soooo nosy - wouldn't you say lol. So if I need some pins I know where to find them along with myriad of other things - *smile* nice cheery blog post you have, I'm going to add you to my list :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful quilt!

Joanne said...

Great quilt! I like the way you only have sashing around the outside blocks - great idea! ♥

Sharon said...

Maybe all those pins under the deck will keep raccoons from taking up residence there!

It's interesting how the FMQ on your star block really changes the character of the block. Now the focus is on the quilting, not the star.

Sandra Henderson said...

Hey, your quilt matches your deck! Or your deck matches your quilt! :)
love it! Looks like a brand new deck! lots of work though...
Your quilts are so gorgeous! Love all the pieces and the FMQ is amazing!
I want to write a childrens book for my grandson w/Josie or something or other, but have NO idea how, who, etc....

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

this is a beauty. LOVE the browns and golds!

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