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Friday, May 21, 2010


It's that time again!  WooHoo!  Like I need an excuse to sew.  Actually, though, it's more fun just knowing others are sewing at the same time as you.  Join us! 

My wrist has gotten worse again, with my new job.  So I won't be working on the big quilt for awhile.  I worked on it yesterday, but it was just a small amount because it hurt so much.  I can still FMQ little things.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing for the Sew-In.  But it'll be something fun, I guarantee!



Joan said...

FNSI - I like the sound of that! Hope your wrist improves...I have taken the hint and am off to sew..

Helen said...

am excited about FNSI!!! However - re Monday - no, it is not a holiday - at least not for us! We take off week after next! when, of course, you will be at work! :(

Am really sorry to hear your wrist is worse - hon, I worry about you. Please take care of yourself!

Joanne said...

Sorry to hear about your wrist!
Can't wait to see the fun! ♥

Sharon said...

Well, having a bum wrist is no fun! (unfortunately, I know from experience) But I hope you have loads of fun with the FNSI! Please take care of yourself, so it's better soonest.

Just wanted to let you know, I just posted the little quilt I made with my marbled fabrics for the Blogger's Quilt Festival. It's about the only thing I've done with my marbled fabrics!

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