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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sew-In Results

It was a good day for sewing yesteday.  As I said, I moved to a smaller FMQ piece, the star.  I did all the blue yesterday.  Today I'm hoping to do the orange posies in that circle.  I'll have more orange posies on the corners, but I doubt I get to it today.

I also put together these blocks before all of them fell (or were helped down by four-legged whiskered creatures).  It's on the diagonal for ease of pinning.  I don't have the full strips sewn together because I'm still working the legistics of the layout. 

My stairwell looks very empty right now.  On the right is the remainder of the red quilt waiting to be put together.

Breathe Writers' Group today.  I didn't think I'd be able to attend, but then my work schedule opened up and I can go!  WooHoo!


Joan said...

Love the quilting - love it all...
I think I am at the end of my 2 weeks now?? Whats next. Oh - tonights is yet to go up... :)

Clare said...

Red and white is definitely "in" at the moment LOL.

Sandra Henderson said...

LOVE your feathered star! Love all of it! You've been BUSY! :)

Quilting Journey said...

You know, I do love your design stairwell. But tell me.....who, and how, do the quilts in progress ever get up there? Are you and Vince like 7' tall or do you use a ladder, or do you stretch over the opening, or do you actually use crampons and a climbing harness????

Helen said...

Wendy - I love your quilts - and quilting! Knew I wanted you to quilt my friendship star quilt! Now to REMEMBER to send the additional quilt blocks and fabrics and all!
Your work is so lovely!
Am laughing about Michele's comment! But I remember the stairwell wall - how DO you get it all hung up there?

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