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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Is it a Sin?

I have something I have to confess.  It's something frowned upon in our society.  I should be ashamed of it, but I'm not.  Is something wrong with me?  My secret is this:  I love dandelions.  I rejoice when I see the first one in the spring and when the lawnmower breaks, I get absolutely giddy with excitement!

They're so happy, so cheery, so willing to share that with us!  Just looking at them picks up my day.  When they go puffball, you can mow them down, I don't care.  But these yellow sunshine givers, I love them!

I thought I'd show you pictures of my flowers for my planters, before I kill them.  I do that, you know.  My mom's the one with the green thumb.  Not me.  My plants tend to die.  Which is why it's soooo ironic that I work in a Garden Center now.

Yesterday and today I worked on my orange posies with my FMQ.  I tried to make them all a little bit different from each other.  Tomorrow I start the white surrounding the star.

I have two days off work now, so I'm hoping to get some writing in (while lounging on the deck).  I also want to get some sewing done.  I'm not sure I'll finish this beauty, but I'll get some done.  Maybe by Wednesday my wrist will be strong enough I can return to the quilt.  I'm mostly just going to put my feet up. 



Joan said...

Enjoyed your post Wendy...I used to make daisy chains with dandelions on my Aunties farm...funny how small things start memories. Your quilting is coming on and looks lovely...I hope your wrist is mended soon. Happy gardening...I think :)

Joanne said...

Love the posies you added to your star quilt!

Sandra Henderson said...

I adore your photo of the dandelions! Yes, they are very happy!~Like daisies are. SO natural and fresh and make you smile. Your plants are lovely. I wonder, do you over water them? hmmmm Doesn't make sense that you'd kill them, you are such a nurturer... :)
lovely view where you live.
Hope your wrist is better soon, I'm sure it's very frustrating! XO

ROZ said...

I remember when I was a little girl, I loved blowing the seeds of dandelions all over the place!

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