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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Big Foot

No, not the creature.  The FMQ foot.  See? 

The bar that goes over the Needle Screw is thicker, so maybe it won't break so easily.  The shaft looks thicker, too.  So, maybe THAT won't break so easily either.  Look at that wide foot!  No wonder where it gets its name!

Let's go see it on the machine.  It fastened onto the machine a little wierd.  It slips over the end of the post, instead of wrapping around.  But, if it works, that's cool, too.  Looks very sexy under there, doesn't it?  And look how clear that foot is!  That could be very helpful for us echo challenged quilters.  At least that's what the promo said.  : D

Well, I have to say my echoes look better.  Of course, it could have just been because the practice is showing through, but it could also be the foot helping.  It felt good under there, not weak or wobbly.

Not bad!  I used a sample I'd FMQed way back when I first began.  I like the two colors.  Good thing I have a quilt to begin FMQing.  I really don't want to take the foot off!  I love their slogon:  Hops into the New Millenium!


Jackie Davis said...

Oh wow! I like it, i think i want to get this! Thank you for sharing!

Helen said...

ok - where did you get this? Looks like something I'd be interested in - and even need (esp since I had the same kind of FMQ foot you did before it broke!)

Joanne said...

The new foot looks great, so easy to see through and around!

GailM. said...

I'm glad you posted about it. I've seen it in quilt catalogues and wondered if it was good. Nice FMQ too.

Joan said...

Hey - the quilting looks fantastic! where did you get that foot - I love the look of it. Must have something to do with the purple colour LOL...I think its practise + foot ...just great!

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