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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Little bits

It seems I've fallen into the "only posts every other day" category.  How sad.  It's only temporary tho, until my wrist gets stronger again.  Thanks everyone for the well wishes, it's actually a little bit better than a few days ago. 

Here's what I've worked on for my FMQ challenge yesterday and today (sorry for the fuzziness).  Two more little bits and then I'll trapunto them.  Then I'll start on the big wedges between the star points.

I spent a couple hours figuring this out, too.  I think I'll leave it sit a few days to see if it settles into what I want.  It's small.  Too small for my tastes, so I have to figure out what to do next.

These are the samples I'll liberate somehow and donate to AAQI.  Not all of them (some are really bad), just the good ones.

I've almost got my Grand Falls photo book finished.  Just a few more captions and then I'm done!  Yay!  I'll put another pic up then.



Joanne said...

Love the wall of samples!! ♥
Congratulations on your book!
Take it easy with that wrist!

Clare said...

Love the samples too. Take care of your wris- - thought you'd been a bit quiet!

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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