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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some Blogs

Here's a couple blogs with some very nice quilts and quilting:  http://thesecretlifeofmrsmeatloaf.blogspot.com/


Someone asked me why I'm quilting the LibAmish the way I am and to please explain it step-by-step why I chose the quilting pattern where I did.  So, I thought I'd take you with me as I daily make the decisions on this little quilt.  I think quilts take on a life of their own, much like books, so what I initially decide on any quilt morphs as I go. 

This is a liberated quilt, but it's also Amish.  I thought it would be nice to blend traditional with modern.  Initially, I wanted to do all the quilting in a traditional Amish pattern, but it's moving away from that more and more.  I ditch quilted the black everywhere and started with the center wreath, but in order to make it pop up, I needed to flatten the area around it.  The grid lines seemed to work well, added some modern elements and echoed the squareness of the letters and diamonds.

When the diamonds were quilted along the first line inside the edge, they got a funny bump/poof and I didn't like that.  My whole idea with them is that they have a beveled edge and the center sections are flat.  That may or may not happen, but the outline definitely wasn't working.  So, I took it out again.

On the sides of the center, I wanted to echo the feather theme, so added those there.  I also am going with gridlines there.  I should have that finished tomorrow.  Then I'll decide what to do next.

Snowing here.


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Joan said...

That was lovely to read and special to view...I love the way it is coming together...

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