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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctor Trip

Well, yesterday at the doctor didn't go well.  Not that anything went bad.  There wasn't any bad news or anything.  Just, nothing happened.  The doctor looked at my wrist and said he couldn't do anything.  It actually was more convoluted than that, but that was the basic premise of his side of the conversation.

Because of the drive, I didn't get any sewing done yesterday.  Some people can drive all day and come home and do things.  I can't.  Though I love driving long trips, it just wipes me out.  The great thing about that long trip is that I was able to mark places in Spinning the Tides that needed to be reworked into YA while Vince was driving.  You see those layers of colored paper?  Those are different rewrites of the same story.  I count 4:  blue, pink, yellow and white.  And I'm starting a 5th.  Most of my novels have less.  Some have more!

Today, I put together the pieces of the Kaleidoscope into blocks (except the corner pieces).  It took a lot longer than I anticipated.  Tomorrow, I'll work on the quilting of the LibAmish.  I'll try to get that black background of the center all finished so I can go on to the outer border.  It's the first night of Hockey Playoffs, so I have a pizza waiting to be cooked.  We'll be busy watching hockey every night for the next few weeks.

Here are some pics of our drive yesterday.  The University of Maine has made a to-scale of our Solar System that stretches from the Presque Isle facility to the Houlton facility.  I hear Jupiter weighs well over 300 lbs.  And Pluto is there, but only a few inches big and very easily missed.  The Sun is one whole wall in one of the buildings on the UMPI (UMaine, Presque Isle) campus. 

See, the trees are getting red tips and the pines are greening.  The firs are putting in needles, too. 

This is the Wind Farm on Mars Hill.  There's like 20+ windmills.  They line the ridge.  Kinda cool.

And this is Katahdin.  This is the biggest mountain in Maine.  I spent many years in Colorado and I miss the Rockies.  Beautiful, isn't she?

Edited to add:

I was able to sneak upstairs to The Loft and play with FMQ.  Tried my hand at McTavishing and McTavished curly-qs.  Also tried the veins in the feather thing that Joanne showed on her blog.  I didn't do so bad, so I put it in my LibAmish quilt, too.  Tomorrow, I'll put in the gridlines.  Um, the cat hair is just a thing we live with here.  You'll get used to it in the photos sooner or later.



sophie said...

Ugh, I'm sorry. It still amazes me how much modern medicine is NOT an exact science. I am not a veteran, but I've had my own frustrations with the medical community in the past and am SO sympathetic to your pain. I hope you do find a way to connect with someone that can actually help you.

All that unpleasantness aside, I'm glad you found cool and beautiful distractions on your path yesterday. I envy you those views.

Clare said...

I know how frustrating it can be. When we first moved out here we couldn't find a doctor who spoke English and had to make do with a doddery old fool who wasn't very good with "women's problems". We've now got an English husband and wife team and they are brilliant!

How spooky is that! I'm reading Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods which is about walking the AT to that mountain!

Joan said...

Enjoying your blog, and all your wonderful photos. Sorry to hear about your doctors visit, and hope things sort for you soon. What is LibAmish?

Andrea R said...

Just stumbled across your blog. :) I'm from down past Centreville! :D *waves*

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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