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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Morning!

Sunrise at 6:30 am Atlantic Time.  I certainly hope my neighbor doesn't mind all the photos I've taken of his place!
I tried to post last night, but my computer and camera had an argument, so I just shut everything off.  That's what happens when you're in sleep deprivation from trying to stay awake during hockey.  Lots of Hockey.  Which means, I've been working on hand sewing, too.  Finished the A-3 block for my Liberated Mizz Jane.  Planning its A-4 block.  I've decided I'm going to put the blocks in this quilt on-point.  That may be a foolhardy choice.  We'll see if I stick to it.

What else?  Oh yeah, I finished the top for the Kaleidoscope quilt.  This is just the corner (duh, right?).  I'll take a pic of the full view when I get the quilting done.  I'll be doing feathers in that wide border, but the rest will just be meandering.  Although, the sashing in those outer blocks present some temptation!

I got the thread I ordered, too.  It looks wonderful, I can't wait to start using it.  Unfortunately, I'm quilting in burgandy and, see, there's no burgandy here.  I'm not piecing at the moment either.  I think, as long as this took to get (Canadian Post), I have to plan the thread colors a couple quilts in advance until I get enough back stock.  This is all "Piecing Thread".  It's better than what I've been using on my quilting, so guess what?  That's right.  It'll be quilting, too, baby!  As I get more experienced in this, I'll get better and better thread.  But this is good for now.  I like Joanne's new offset FMQ foot.  I want one of those.  Mine's not offset and I have to turn my fabric so I can see.  If I don't, then I usually transgress onto another stitched line. 

Let's see, what else have I been up to? Oh yeah, made the next block in the Pinwheel Party.  Didn't have the new thread yet or I would have used it.  Cute, huh?  I really can't wait to finish this.

Hockey also gives lots of time for rewrite on the novel. Also on the Boo and Oscar book. 


Joan said...

Hey - you HAVE been busy. All looking good...and OH - WHAT a beautiful sunrise...now I would hate to be up at that time of the day...Looking forward to your next post..♥

Candy said...

I always enjoy the pictures from your place. It is absolutely beautiful there. I love your kaleidoscope quilt. Your choice of color and fabric are great.

Joanne said...

Beautiful sunrise!!

Thanks for Visiting! Come Back Soon!

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