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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting better and better

Not much to talk about today.  Did the same thing as I did yesterday.  No pictures today, they'd look the same as yesterday's anyway.

My FMQ is definitely coming along nicely.  Today I concentrated on keeping the "sidewalk" even.  I had a few wobbles, but I managed to get a really nice parallel stitch by the end of the session.  I'm getting better at speed control, too.  I have a telephone book under my heel and that lets me control the speed pedal better.  So I sped up and a I slowed down.  Then, I sped up my hands and I slowed down my hands.  Now to get them better coordinated so I can stretch the stitch out a bit.  DG suggests setting the stitch length to zero even though it has no effect (because stitch length is controlled by the feed dogs, which aren't used in FMQ).  She says by doing this, tho, that it will save wear and tear on the feed dogs which will continue to move below the plate. 

I made more star legs today.  Tomorrow, I'll make the arms and crowns. 

I'm hunting publishers/agents for my Boo and Oscar series.  This is a series of mystery/adventure stories for children aged 4-6.  In the first book, Boo and Oscar and the Fantastic Fudge Fiasco, Boo (cat) and Oscar (spider), solve the mystery of who is stealing all the Super Duper Special Muddy Road Fudge.  Further books include Oscar fighting some thugs with his spider Karate, Boo riding a rodeo bull (think claws) and Boo and Oscar skiing.  This book series is actually a colaberation between myself and another.  We have 15 books mapped out.

I still haven't heard from my publisher about Spinning the Tides.  I think it's a dead project.  I know I keep saying this, but I keep hoping I'm wrong.  I think there's no hoping any longer.  A friend suggested I change the series to be Young Adult instead of Adult.  Under Twin Suns didn't really have an age, so it could easily fall into that category.

More tomorrow.


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