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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Not much sewing today

Had to go to the dentist for a temporary crown.  Ick.  2.5 hours at that.  Whatever.

Because he's an hour away and in a different country entirely than I am, it tends to be a whole day event when I go.  But, before I left, I was able to practice a little FMQ.  "Sidewalks" are definitely getting straighter.  Also, my new clear see-through open-toed darning foot came in the mail today.  So we'll see how much difference it will make to actually be able to SEE where I'm going!

The pic below was our Falls today.  This gorge runs through our town and the highways make a 'Y', where the left upper branch crosses the gorge giving a breathtaking view of the Falls.

This is the fullest time of year, when the snow melts.  Yet, most tourists come during July and August, when it looks like this:

Ahem.  Which would you rather see?



Michele's Quilting Journey said...

What is awesome with power just exploding, one calm and lovely...both beautiful! What a neat thing to have in your area and how interesting you cross borders to go to the dentist!

Joanne said...

The falls are amazing! I can almost hear them.♥

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