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Monday, January 11, 2010

Show Your Stash!

I'm challenging all you quilters out there to show blog pictures of your stash in its current condition.  When you do, post a comment here so we can all go look.  There's no real purpose to this other than to show people "I'm a Quilter.  You can tell by my stuff!"  You can give a description of your quilting area, if you'd like.  I'll go first.

My quilting area is the cubbyhole at the top of the stairs to our bedroom.  At least it started out that way.  I've outgrown it and now have control of the whole hallway there.  I also have two sewing machines in our spare bedroom and a cabinet for cut squares and strips in our bedroom (nightstand).  My stash shelves, though they don't look like it, are organized.  They're just not big enough.  So, instead of getting more and more shelves, I'm working on using up stuff.  Another thing that makes them look so untidy is the number of rolled shirts I wedge in there.

I store odd things, like batting pieces and bits for a strip quilt, under a day bed that's just out of sight to the left in this picture.  The buckets and baskets on the floor are current projects.

Well, that's mine.  Show me yours.


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Joanne said...

Great idea. I posted about my quilting area today. Thanks

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